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Were some of these pictures fake or altered? from the WTC on 9/11 ?

The smoke seems to be different in the photos, even taking into consideration the different angles of the photos.
The plane is the same relative distance in most of the pictures. This is not a problem anyway as it would be travelling much faster than the change in the smoke patterens.

sept 11 plane NYT


The 2 pics below show the smoke drifting to the left. In the picture above, the smoke seems to be going UP ?

sept 11 plane fake photo?

sept 11 plane flight 175 terror attack

The plane here almost looks as though it is travelling UP to the building.

wtc sept11 plane

sept 11 wtc building

sept 11 plane twin tower
sept 11 plane 7

Why does the steeple tower seem a greenish tint above, while it looks blue below ?
sept 11 plane wtc steeple tower

sept 11 wtc PAXb

sept 11 wtc PAXc

sept 11 wtc new york

In the pictures below, it appears that the plane is going DOWN into the building

sept 11 wtc blax WTC


plane closing wtc 911

sept 11 south tower plane

Do all the planes here, especially in the 3 pictures above seem to be the same ???

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After looking at thousnds of pictures over 2 years, I have become suspect of either image or video fakery, or both. Many of the photos and videos of the plane just before hitting the South tower just dont seem to add up. Keep in mind, that most of these were not taken at the same exact place or angle, and the page is not intended to be scientific proof of anything, but it still proves interesting. Perhaps there are a few altered or fake photos out there?
september 11 WTC plane fake photos?

2nd plane wtc flight 175 9-11

wtc plane pictures
9/11 photos twin tower planes

Pictures of the helicopters that were around the WTC that day. Extreme closeups.
( This shows that some of the oddites and UFO's were just choppers, though I have found some that were NOT)
september 11 helicopters

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